Events at Crypto Valley Labs are always very exciting for us because it’s the center of where Crypto projects arise.
Our anticipation of the event was well rewarded. We were constantly meeting new people. Talking to like-minded and interested parties and finding ways to enlarge the reach of our project.
Our products like Kaze KYC was of interest to many as they move into the ICO market. With the focus on increased regulation, it’s a top conversation piece, having a product ready and built into the Kaze blockchain. With the real challenges faced every day, it’s encouraging to know that Kaze is busy with the constant development of the eKYC on our blockchain.
Other topics of conversation ranged from Dex vs Centralised exchanges and other methods to KYC.
The Casino background mixed with a special mix of interested parties and projects gave the event a special flair.
We are excited to attend more events and even arrange some of our own. We look forward to giving you feedback on the next one.
Your Team Kaze