& KAZE Blockchain Solutions join forces., the World’s first 100% CashBack marketplace that combines shopping,
online gaming and fun have created a unique platform where people can play with
their receipts from shopping to get 100% Cashback.
Aiming to become the first Decentralized gamified marketplace has
contracted KAZE Blockchain Solutions, one of the Fastest blockchain solutions for
Smart Contracts, to host their new Venture.
Together, both innovative projects will launch The (Red) One, a coin which will unify
over 20 currencies used in RedCrox current platform.
KAZE Smart Contract Technologies, KAZE Investment Protection (K.I.P), and KAZE KYC
modules will be used in the first phase of a cooperation deal between both teams.
Further plans include listings in KAZE Crypto Exchange, planned for launch later this
“We at RedCrox have a long history of being pioneers in the way we see Online
gaming of the future. We have already proven that not only can online betting be fun without
any risk, but it can also become a unique marketing tool. Now, with our friends at
KAZE we want to take it even further using some of the benefits blockchains have to
offer. We believe in good products and I find KAZE to be a good product to build our future on”, said Stephen Flanagan, RedCrox Founder & CEO.
“Building a platform to host innovative new products and projects is the core purpose of KAZE Blockchain
Solutions. Unique KYC modules and Investor Protection are embedded in the Kaze Blockchain and provide Safe, Secure, Transparent and manageable solutions to any smart contract. We are proud to host like-minded projects
like and look forward to our partnership in this venture and others”,
said Mohammad Sayadi, KAZE Founder & CEO

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